Do you want to increase your income?

By installing a Katherine Solar NT Landlord Package on your residential or commercial investment property, you will increase your rental income and earn $10,000’s-$100,000's extra across the life of your system. And believe it or not, you likely won’t need to outlay an extra cent!

How it works

As the landlord you will move the rental properties electricity account into your name and install a Landlord Solar Package onto your property. 

A special meter is installed as part of the package, which allows tracking of total house energy usage. The tenant will pay directly for the electricity they use in the form of a weekly rental increase, and receive a discount of 20% off their usual rate. If they exceed the amount of power included in the rental increase (calculated on an individual basis). They pay for the extra power they have used directly to you. If they use less then the included amount, they have the extra amount refunded back to them. 

If you are the landlord you benefit from:

  1.  Increased rental income
  2. Earn money even while your property is vacant
  3. Extra $10,000’s in your pocket over the life of the system . 
  4. No deposit finance options  - $0 outlaid by you
  5. Tax benefits – for depreciation of Solar System

In fact, in most situations, the weekly rent increase is more than the finance repayment cost, meaning the Solar System is paying for itself from day 1!

It also makes your rental property more attractive to prospective tenants, as they will be savings hundreds of dollars each year on their electricity usage.

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Did you know:

Residential properties in Katherine, Darwin, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek are already pre-approved by Power and Water. They can have up to 5kW Inverter Systems for single phase properties, and 7kW Inverter Systems for 3-phase properties.